Our specialised inspections

is designed to help motorists of leased vehicles have no surprises upon returning the vehicle at the end of the lease.

Is your lease vehicle due to be returned soon?

Have you been charged before and worried what your hidden return costs for your vehicle will be?

Get a specialised Off Hire, Lease Vehicle Inspection

At a place of your convenience

Complete body work checks

We will inspect your whole vehicle and ensure that it is returned to the lease company with what is only considered ‘fair wear and tear’ of the vehicle, at a cost that you are in control of.

Keeps you the 'Hirer' in control

At Weald Park Garage we will insure that you are fully aware what we find on your vehicle and offer very competitive rates to repair your vehicles. So before you hand your keys back to the lease company, you can be confident that it is being returned under the ‘fair wear and tear’ (BVRLA) regulations.  

No hidden or surprising lease company costs

Lease companies will charge you main dealer prices (labour and parts) to return your vehicle to the condition that it requires to sell it (BVRLA ‘fair wear and tear’ regulations). These charges are not often negotiable, you will just receive an invoice AFTER your vehicle has been returned.

No more liaising with lease companies

We can also liaise with your lease company to arrange their inspection and the return of your vehicle, leaving you to look forward to your new lease vehicle’s arrival!

When is the best time to get the inspection?

We would recommend that you book the inspection in at least 6 weeks before the end of your lease.

Why don't I just put my vehicle straight in for fair wear and tear direct with the leasing company?

You could, and up to now that’s what the majority of people have done, but the issue is you have very little say over what they deem to be fair wear and tear, and any associated costs for repairs to your vehicle to pass the test are out of your hands. Having an off hire, vehicle inspection puts you in control of the whole process including getting a better deal on any repair work that maybe due.

If I take your vehicle pre-inspection, do I have to use you for any repairs that maybe required?

No, you can take the report to any garage of your choice and have the repairs completed by them however, we offer a complete return package for your total peace of mind..

Is there a cost for the Off Hire, Lease Vehicle Inspection?

Yes, its ranges from £30 to £60 depending on where you have the inspection carried out (full details are available on request). 

My lease does not expire for months, can you remind me nearer the time?

Yes, we offer a free reminder service.  Click to register for our reminder service and we will contact you at the relevant time.