Weald Park Garage, Brentwood – we take vehicle maintenance seriously

Every day, you drive your vehicle to and from work. You drop off and pick up the children from school. You do the shopping. You visit friends and family or drive to a holiday destination.

Every day, you are surrounded by a tonne of metal on wheels.

  • Are you 100% sure that your car is safe and reliable?
  • How long has it been since you checked your car's lights, wipers and washers?
  • Have your lights been properly adjusted to ensure you don't dazzle other road users?
  • Is your steering and exhaust system in full working order?
  • Have your car's tyres been correctly inflated in line with the manufacturer's specification?
  • Are they still legal in terms of tread?

Were you aware that you could be stopped and fined if you don't adhere to the Highway Code's vehicle maintenance rules?

At Weald Park Garage, Brentwood we take vehicle maintenance very seriously. Our experienced and professional technicians are dedicated to ensuring that every car, van and bike we work on leaves our garages in the best possible condition.

FREE 25 point safety check

Do you have any concerns or queries concerning maintaining your vehicle?

Enjoy total peace of mind with our FREE 25 point safety check, available to all new and existing BBG Services, Laindon and Weald Park Garage, Brentwood customers.

Simply call or pop in to our garage Weald Park, Brentwood. One of our highly trained technicians will carry out an expert, in-depth vehicle maintenance and safety check on your car completely free of charge.

Vehicle maintenance is important!

Regularly maintaining and servicing your vehicle is vital to the health, safety, value and efficiency of your car.  Even the simplest of car maintenance checks can reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns and repairs.  

Tyres: Make sure you know the recommended tyre pressures for your vehicle. Check the pressure every fortnight and keep an eye on tyre tread and condition. And don't forget about the spare!
Oil: Check your oil levels every two weeks and before a long journey. Change oil and filter during regular services.
Water: Check and top up coolant and screenwash. Check anti-freeze before the winter months.
Wipers: Replace your wiper blades on an annual basis.
Windscreen: Check your windscreen for chips and stone damage as these can result in cracked glass.

Not confident in maintaining your vehicle yourself?

Based in Weald Park, Brentwood, we can take on the regular maintenance and servicing of your vehicle. Thousands of cars and commercial vehicles have passed out doors so you can put your trust in us.

Choose the garage that is most convenient to you – Weald Park Garage, Brentwood – and leave the rest to us. We will thoroughly check, maintain and service your vehicle on your behalf, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your car, van or motorcycle is safe, reliable and economical to run.

Weald Park Garage, Brentwood offer:

  • Oil and filter checks
  • Brake checks
  • Winter, summer, full & interim servicing
  • Full range of repairs
  • MOT testing
  • Expert safety and maintenance advice